Master Training Program In Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery


Past event - 11th, 12th & 13th May 2018



This masterclass was an intensive gynecological laparoscopic course with practical training. This part 1 was divided in 2 days of lectures & hands-on and 1 full day of Live Surgery.




During these 3 days, the following subjects were discussed:

Understanding laparoscopy and basic rules: The objectives of this session were to review the specifics of laparoscopic surgery, to learn the basics techniques of recognition/dissection, Control/hemostasis, Action/cutting, to understand the advantages and the inconvenient of this surgery and the way to emphasize the first and reduce the second.

Instrumentation: The objectives of this session were to review the necessary instruments to be used in endoscopic surgery with their principle of action, way of use and safety features.

Patients set-up, ergonomics and side effect of laparoscopy: The objectives of this session were to describe all important aspect of the patient positioning with emphasis of the security and the risk for the patient. All effects of the use of CO2 and Intra-abdominal pressure were reviewed. Ergonomic rules of laparoscopy were also described.

Anatomy: The objectives of this session were to review all aspects of the anatomy that are important for a safe practice of endoscopy. Detailed anatomy will be explained with emphasize of the details that will help during procedures including anatomy of the abdominal wall, anatomical spaces of the pelvis, vessels, nerves and ureter.

After the Sessions 1 & 2, the surgeon can make an application for the Bachelor in Endoscopy is possible


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