Mechanical Hysteroscopy - Hysteroscopy Course Dubai - Archive 2017


Past event - 14th - 15th October 2017



Hysteroscopy is a must for the modern practice of Gynecology but to achieve the best results one should master the use of the hysteroscope and its associated instruments.

This masterclass was an intensive hysteroscopy course with practical training in the most relevant hysteroscopic procedures and in new technologies. Diagnostic and mechanical operative hysteroscopy, myomectomy, polyp surgery and endometrial resection were covered with intensive practice.






Objectives of this Master Class :

  • To get a detailed knowledge in the principal indications of modern hysteroscopy
  • To understand the principles of the use of energy and mechanical morcellation in hysteroscopy
  • To have a comprehensive knowledge of the potential complications and the way to treat and to prevent them.
  • To acquire practical skills with the newest technological hysteroscopic models:
  • To diagnostic hysteroscopy, psychomotor skill training and testing and ambulatory surgery
  • To acquire the technique and skills to perform myoma, polyp and endometrial resection
  • To practice with the latest morcellation system


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