Exploring the routes of Hysterectomy: Laparoscopic Surgery Class - Archive


Past event - 28th & 29th June 2018



This two-day master class helped the surgeons master minimal invasive surgical procedures that they can propose to their patients as alternatives to laparotomy and abdominal surgery.




Group picture Hysterectomy LM - BD

Hysterectomy is a common surgical indication for uterine pathology that resists medical treatment. It is so true that laparotomy and the abdominal route remain a frequent and a standard procedure for gynecologists. When it comes to minimally invasive surgical (MIS) approaches, the situation is more complex.

Hysterectomies carried out by laparoscopy or vaginal procedures are still considered as advanced techniques and remain too rare. The advantages of MIS approaches are so obvious that it is essential for gynecologists to master both vaginal and laparoscopic routes in order to ban laparotomy from their practice.

By the end of this course, they learnt:

  • The respective indication for vaginal and laparoscopy routes;
  • The relevant anatomy to be considered for each procedure;
  • The available energy sources with a special emphasis on electro surgery;
  • The operative manual according to each route;
  • The risk areas for complications and the best ways to prevent and manage them;
  • The post-operative follow-up procedures for both routes.


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